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On the other hand, that was fourteen hundred years ago, both candidates are long dead, and there’s no more caliphate. Sure, the two groups have slightly different hadith and schools of jurisprudence, but how many Muslims even know which school of jurisprudence they’re supposed to be following?

Some of them said Abu Bakr, others said Ali, and the dispute has been going on ever since.

In Stage 1, each group of campers would settle in, unaware of the other group’s existence.

Toward the end of Stage 1, the groups would gradually be made aware of each other.

Cults are maybe the most tribal groups that exist in the modern world, and those Cult Screening Tools make good measures for tribalism as well.

Part of this was resolving a major social fallacy I’d had throughout high school and college, which was that the correct way to make friends was to pick the five most interesting people I knew and try to befriend them. The Three Popular Girls Who Went Everywhere Together.And they all tend to inspire something like patriotism, where people are proud of their group membership and express that pride through conspicuous use of group symbols, group songs, et cetera.For better or worse, the standard way to refer to this category of thing is “tribe”.In Stage 2, a set of contests and prize competitions would set the two groups at odds. There was hostility almost from the moment each group became aware of the other group’s existence: They were using our campground, our baseball diamond.On their first meeting, the two groups began hurling insults.

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