Adult phone chat vancouver

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She is more profitable for the company than I am just by nature of our jobs, so I need to be especially carefully of not being seen to start drama.

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I am middle-management administrative support for the company.After about six months of reasonable normalcy, she became increasingly demanding and almost possessive.In retrospect, her behavior strongly resembled what an abusive ex-boyfriend did to me, except not nearly as subtle.If you misled them in some way (like accepting and then backing out at the last minute), or appeared to be using their offer just to get a counteroffer from your current employer, or handled salary negotiations weirdly (like insisting on a crazy figure that was wildly over even the high end of the market rate for the work), they’re unlikely to want to consider you again.I will say, though, that if a candidate turned down an offer twice, I’d be skeptical that it would go any differently if we got a third application from them.

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