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Despite many attempts to remove it from her, Sidonia was buried holding the robe. Nino had seven columns made from the tree for the church’s foundation.This sacred place shown in the photo is the column under which Sidonia and the holy robe are resting in peace. The seventh column, however, had magical properties and rose by itself into the air.Svetitskhoveli has long been one of the principal Georgian Orthodox churches and is among the most venerated places of worship in the region.It is currently the second largest church in Georgia, after the Holy Trinity Cathedral.A fresco portraying the event can be seen near the entrance of the cathedral, it shows Sidonia with an angel lifting the column up to heaven.Saint Nino is in the middle, King Mirian and Queen Nana, are to the right and left.A masterpiece of the early middle ages, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a monument that traces its origin to the dawn of Christianity in Georgia and was judged by UNESCO to be a testament to “the high artistic and cultural level attained by this ancient kingdom.” Svetitskhoveli Cathedral was originally built in the 4th century A. The remarkable structure that you see in the photo was constructed by the Georgian architect Arsukidze.

The most important carving is on the external northern wall of the church and as you can see, it shows a right arm and a hand holding a chisel. According to the novel –‘The Hand of the Great’, King George was also jealous of Arsukidze over his lover – Shorena.

They say the architect didn’t even live to see his masterpiece finished.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is the place where Georgian kings were crowned and buried.

It returned to earth after the mighty Nino prayed all night.

It was also said that from the magical seventh column a miracle working myrrh exuded, that cured various diseases.

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