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What is a Christian who wants to find wholesome, godly romance to do?What really matters for the pursuit of godly romance?Some realized that Christian young people were falling into the same hazards secular individuals were, such as sexual immorality, emotional over-extension, false self-representation, misplaced priorities, and directionless relationships. Courtship is an alternate social structure for the pursuit of romance and matrimony that emphasizes (1) intentional consideration of marriage, (2) romantic relationships that begin as friendships, (3) the authority and oversight of the father of the young woman, and (4) the pursuit of the relationship in the context of family and church community.It was hoped that courtship would reinforce biblical values and better guide young Christian adults into healthy marriages.

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Most of the conflict comes from a debate between dating and courtship social structures.It’s the principle that every Christian dating and Courtship proponent actually agrees on, in spite of more than two decades of debate over social structure.I would express this principle like this: The success of an individual in experiencing godly romance and matrimony is determined by his or her personal character as a disciple of Jesus Christ.I’ve known ‘serial courters’ who lived like the devil and ‘saintly daters’ guided by integrity and holiness.In and of themselves, the terms they used to describe their relationships were meaningless.

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