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Remco Lupker and Sebastian Arnold Egg co-founded the site back in 2003, in between they received hefty investment from MIH and went gung ho in advertising Toko Bagus in many media outlets in Indonesia.

See: Tokobagus Co-founder Remco Lupker Show Offs His New Venture, Ambient Indonesia)" data-reactid="40"(See: Tokobagus Co-founder Remco Lupker Show Offs His New Venture, Ambient Indonesia)Last April, MIH disbanded one of its ecommerce portfolios – Multiply – to focus its funds on other more promising portfolios – including Toko Bagus.

70 percent of it, the company claims, came from its online store.

Bhinneka now has over 500 employees with six physical stores in Jakarta.

Alexa rank: 110th in Indonesia." data-reactid="142"The two-year-old fashion ecommerce site Zalora Indonesia is similar to Lazada Indonesia: it is backed by Rocket Internet and has an ample amount of money.

And just like its sister company, Zalora is quite tight-lipped regarding its data.

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Alexa rank: 32nd in Indonesia." data-reactid="238"Bukalapak is a fierce rival of Tokopedia.The team achieved over .5 million monthly revenue in 2013, which is a 500 percent growth compared to the year before.Alexa rank: 156th in Indonesia." data-reactid="285"Elevenia is one of the new players that emerged recently to shake things up in the marketplace space.It is now operating with 300 employees in Indonesia and is looking to dominate the next big trends: mobile commerce and third-party merchants.Alexa rank: 31st in Indonesia." data-reactid="90"Bhinneka is one of the first players to emerge in Indonesia’s ecommerce scene with gadgets as its main products.

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