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Know to be built by danavas (evil forces) in one night, the temple is made from stone, and follows Hemadpanth architecture.

The annual fair during Mahashivratri attracts devotees from far and wide every year.

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Due to the presence of 64 Yogini temples near Khajuraho, Padawali, Konarak/Lingaraj etc., scholars also attribute the erotic art to Tantric practices, which revolve around the ultimate union of the male and the female energy and forms referred to as Maithuna.

The various scenes of passionate love making, in acrobatic postures that sometimes border on the physically impossible, strike viewers.

Look out for the bold panels of multiple partners engaged with each other.

An interesting study in contrast is the famous Jagannath Temple at Puri, also referred to as ‘The White Pagoda' due to its whitewashed walls.

If you are an art enthusiast you must visit the Konarak Archaeological Museum nearby that contains fallen sculptures from the temple.

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