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Those Americans who engage in dissent are stripped of their privileges and sent to exile camps, where they are anathema to the Soviets and their fellow citizens.

Association and communication with the exiles is prohibited and forbidden, although some risk their own remaining freedoms by offering humanitarian aid.

Perhaps they might make a TV movie about why the people of the United States face such a dreadful risk.

They might make a movie about what life in the United States would be like if we lived under Soviet domination.

After Samanov asks the assembled Congress to disband the legislative body and dissolve the United States government, the members angrily refuse to do so.

Major female characters, in addition to Ballard, include Peter Bradford's wife, Amanda (played by Cindy Pickett), Devin Milford's ex-wife, Marion (played by Wendy Hughes), and most notably, Devin's sister Alethea (played by Christine Lahti), who at the outset is prostituting herself to the local occupation leader. "She is a metaphor for America – not just phonically – and it is she who discovers her moral core through(out) the course of the series." Lara Flynn Boyle played Bradford's teenage daughter, Jackie.All the members of Congress are killed in the attack, along with the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Vice President.The United States Capitol building and the artwork in its rotunda are destroyed in a terrorist-style attack.Towards the end of the 1980s, as the decline of the Soviet Union puts it in danger of losing the Cold War, the Soviet leadership makes a desperate gamble to rearrange the global balance of power.Four large thermonuclear weapons are detonated in the ionosphere over the United States.

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