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Virtual groups for SEE Members We are soon to roll out a new Membership Application form which will also give our Members the opportunity to sign up for our new virtual technology and industry groups.

Engineers who work on wireless communications, are likely to be very familiar with the IEEE 802 standards; these deal with local area networks and metropolitan area networks.

See the video of the month or click here New technology publication - EMC Testing 2017 Members will soon receive this.

Again this is also available in a mobile friendly digital edition.

The Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE) is a professional Society that exists to promote awareness of the discipline of environmental engineering, and to provide members of the Society with information, training and representation within this field.

The Society is a Charity and as such the trustees annual report must include: (i) a report in the examined annual accounts, of the activities undertaken by a charity to further its charitable purposes for the public benefit and (ii) a statement by the charity trustees as to whether they have considered the Charity Commissions guidance on public benefit.

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