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Its nearly impossible for one person to fulfill all your needs. Maybe youre looking for "the one" and youre single and cant seem to find her or him or youre already involved with a partner who isnt interested in tantra.

If so, you neednt wait for another lover before you love yourself as your own beloved.

Use this as a model and be creative and design something special just for you. Continue stimulating yourself through several orgasms, then several more. When youre finished, hug and kiss yourself goodnight. Bringing In Your Soul Mate There's an old saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." The same applies to soul mates.

A Tantric Date With Yourself Reserve time on your calendar for a date with yourself. In order to be ready for your soul mate you must be open to recognizing her or him when they show up.

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Any one partner may not know how to do all the types of dances you desire, and if you limit yourself to one partner, you wont get to dance all the dances you want.Transform your room into a love temple with candles, incense, attractive art and cloth, music, aphrodisiacs and sacraments of your choice. Dedicate this lovemaking to yourself, to your personal healing and growth. See the kundalini energy coiled in your coccyx, like a snake at the bottom of a basket waiting for the lid to be removed. Youre teaching yourself about your body and how it responds, what it likes. Notice when you are about to go over the edge then dont go there. Will you love your soul mate at all stages of their life? Many times we find our soul mates only to lose them because were running the same dysfunctional number we did with other lovers, friends and family.Prepare an altar with sacred items that represent your life and the people you have loved and who have loved you. Envision all the love you ever knew and realize that it exists at this moment for you. Dont stuff yourself or youll drowse and diminish your episode of romance. Take your time and savor every bite; appreciate its aroma, taste and texture. To better understand ourselves and relationships, perhaps we should take a look at the nature of love.Arguably the most overwhelming of all the emotions, what sparks this temporary insanity that most encounter sometime or other in their lives?Dating services, web sites, lonely hearts columns and magazines are brimming with the lovelorn looking for love lost.

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