Asking question for dating

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If you think that mentioning past challenges runs the risk of dredging up baggage, it can be a good idea to flip the question and ask them instead about something that they are really looking forward to.

You get the same chance to build a rapport by sharing intimacies, with the added bonus of building friendship through encouragement.

But if he’s like 27 and his parents still pay his rent and he thinks it's NBD, RUN.

Obviously, it’s not going to work out – and it’s best to know early.

It's not the biggest hurdle to overcome, but it's nice to get a sense of if your general lifestyles match up.

Sometimes people hit a phase of bad luck with their career and they're fortunate enough to have support, other times not.

Remember this above all – the right topic to talk about is the one that feels natural. Want to find someone like-minded to take on a first date?

These questions can get you talking but a natural connection?

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