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You'll need to add a custom field in the Field dialog box to match the field your office has created using the DWGProps command.In this example, we'll be updating the Project Number field from a title block.Your office has custom title block fields, created using the Auto CAD DWGPROPS command, which are designed to update automatically when placed in a drawing set.

If you only made changes to the line types and layer colors then they will not update unless Visretain is set to 0. Reference drawing layers can be modified in the parent drawing and changes to color, linetype, and other properties are maintained as long as the system variable Visretain is set to 1.If you want to restore the layer properties from the child drawings, you can set Visretain to 0 and reload the reference.You may have brought in your title blocks as block files in the past, and the custom fields updated successfully.You're wondering why they are not updating when you bring them in as Xrefs.

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