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See How to View a Shared Calendar on a Smartphone for a for a solution that uses published calendars on smartphones and tablets.The tools below will be able to sync the shared folders in your profile to a folder in your mailbox. 497, 505 (2004) (noting that one of the two justifications recognized by the CICA for allowing a stay is minimal; hence, plaintiffs ability to succeed on the merits-to demonstrate that the Chief of the [agency]s written finding is arbitrary or capricious-faces an uphill battle.); Advance Sys. Regardless of whether the standard is less strict for a best interests justification than for an urgent and compelling circumstances justification, the reasoning provided by the agency in this case does not show how the override is in the best interests of the United States. In that instance, a stay on the performance of the contract would have jeopardized the ability of the system to be operational during a busy season. The key fact in that case dealt with the additional time constraint placed on the Government to meet a go-live date in the contract prior to the use of the system during the busy season. 18-465 C, May 9, 2018) An injunction is a drastic and extraordinary remedy, which should not be granted as a matter of course.

This is a copy of the calendar as of the day you copied it and it does not sync with the original calendar. 705, 711 (2006).2 In weighing its decision to override the stay, the agency considered the four Reilly factors, despite stating that the decision was based on the best interests exception rather than urgent and compelling circumstances. 243, 247-248 (2003) (explaining that a best interests determination calls for more than an argument that the override serves the original purpose of the contract) (citations omitted); see also Advanced Sys. Certainly, no claim was made that the program is a Presidential priority, for example, or that timing of performance of the new task order, as opposed to continuation of the old order or an interim bridge contract, would be crucial to the health or safety of veterans. The effect of this judgment will be to reinstate the stay put into place by statute. Presumably, prompt performance of most contracts awarded by government agencies would be in the countrys best interests or the contracts would not be awarded in the first place. It follows that the justification for an automatic stay override mandated by Congress requires something more than showing that the contracts original purpose serves the United States interests. Defendant did not show a direct connection between any possible delay in performance of the new task order and a harm that will necessarily affect veterans adversely. We have noted that [t]he automatic stay is intended to preserve the status quo during the pendency of the protest so that an agency would not cavalierly disregard the GAOs recommendation to cancel the challenged award. It is in the interest of the United States that the integrity of the competitive nature of the bid process as mandated by Congress is upheld. We find it prudent to provide declaratory judgment given the time constraints of this stay.

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