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Another man, rather nice looking this time, started to correspond with me.

I told him I had been for a walk by the river and felt rather privileged to have seen a kingfisher.

I mention I love walking my dog but wonder if men might think that just means I can’t go on holiday. After a few days, I start to think this makes me seem a bit feeble. I try putting in a younger age range but no one ‘smiles’ back at me.

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Another friend had already signed up and quickly found the man of her dreams.Just as when I was a teenager, those who I like don’t like me, and those who like me I really don’t like.Some sound sad and possibly aren’t quite ready for a relationship just yet. Some men can’t spell so I quickly delete them, but then reflect that if instead there were maths tests then I wouldn’t impress anyone greatly.One man in Wales – much greater than the distance I had said would be acceptable – says the things he loves the most are music, wine and sex. He probably deserves full marks for honesty, but not much for subtlety.I also wondered if he listed sex as last because it is his least favourite, though possibly not.

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