Brother dating my ex queen noor dating slim

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Did she know his ex was going to be there and never told him? It would be a reasonable deduction she is shocked and upset, or maybe even overjoyed. But she senses something much bigger is looming, and this is her emotional reaction to it.

I'd be interested in OP's parents take on the situation and what they know. Although I feel OP has been forthcoming, I don't believe he even knows all the facts and motives of all the parties.

But I think it is a much better idea to say "Hey OP, your fiance is behaving irrationally and this is something you need to consider and address before you marry her." Rather than "Hey OP, your fiance may be behaving irrationally, but here are some ways you can calm her down"The real issue here is the incredible glaring insecurity present in his fiance be justified, or of course, it could not be, but we don't have enough of the context or situation.

I think it's safe to assume that OP only interacted with her the one time when picking up his sis, or I believe he would have mentioned that.

She's making something that has nothing to do with her entirely about her.

I find it hard to believe that she is just venting and wanting reassurance when OP says that it's causing massive problems in the relationship.

She's mad that I had to talk to her for a while when picking my sister up.

She's not happy that my sister is dating my ex's brother. OP should at least tell his sister that he dated her bf’s older sister.

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