Burmese dating

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When Lu Lu and I walked in everybody stared at Lu Lu.

When I first met Lu Lu she always dressed in her native clothes.

So we exchanged phone numbers and I told her that I would call her. Lu at that wedding, a big change was going to happen in my life. She was so different from the women I dated before. She was very straightforward in whatever she talked about.

She had a very nice personality and people liked her right away.

I had a few drinks too many but I kept myself well balanced.century coins used the Chula-Sakarat (CS) dating system, sometimes referred to as the BE (Burmese Era) dating system. Typical CS date: = 1214 638 = 1852 AD The current numbering system, from 1948 to the present, is based on AD dates using Burmese numbers. A Dutch Indonesian friend of mine was getting married to an American girl. Before I went to the wedding I had stopped at several bars with a friend of mine.Even though I dated Lu Lu, that didn't get me off my bad drinking habits.One night I picked up Lu Lu and we drove to a friend of mine.

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