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Read: Should my daughter elope or have a big wedding?Finding the right partner is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime, and I don’t mean that you need to restrict your search to someone who is an heir to a European royal dynasty or a founder of a billion-dollar app.What’s more, 65% of men and 78% of women don’t want to read about people’s “emotional drama.” People who use their profile to complain about “time wasters” or others who don’t take the time to reply to their messages are, in fact, still speaking to those people. Write positive things to the positive people who read your profile. “Toot your own horn, but don’t brag,” says Abby Rodman, a Boston-based psychotherapist.“If you’ve run the Boston Marathon, say so,” she adds.But among those who have, the majority say dating sites and apps help people find a better romantic match because of the wide range of potential partners they can access.

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I am a smart, successful woman, but I wonder if these sites are a waste of my time and, more importantly, my money.

“This isn’t therapy,” says Simon Rego, director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. People have a short attention span, especially if they’re reading your profile on a smartphone.

On that note, I’ll sign off now while I still have your attention.

What can I do to sort out the scary men from the eligible ones?

Anonymous Dear Anonymous, There are things you can do to stack the odds in your favor.

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