C self updating application

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In addition to the rollback script, the installer saves a copy of every file it deletes during the installation. Once the installation is complete, the rollback script and the saved files are deleted. It is an installation, in the form of a single file.

It is actually a database that contains several tables (80 ).

A single, installed, working program (or set of programs) is a product.For example, an MSI might install French and English versions of a program, each of which is a different product. Windows Installer configuration commands operate only on Features (installing, advertising, Uninstalling).Self-healing, installon- demand and user profile fix-up operate at the Feature level.The layer between the application and the DBMS called DSN.Ø System DSN (DSN will be available for all users) Ø User DSN (DSN will be available for that particular user) Merge modules are a mechanism in Windows Installer that allows companies to prepackage and share standard component definitions.

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