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16 — Made an early start came on the Yellow Stone forded the river & campd at the foot of 12 mile Prarie the Crows killd over Sixty very Fat Cows to day Sun. Dagneau 10.45 Major Owens 32.52 194 APPENDICES PIERRE CHOTEAU JR.

7 — One of the Cols runners returned having overtook Two Face's camp he Two Face turned back & is highly pleased to do as his Father wishes him — Seen a little Blackfoot Boy that was taken prisoner in the Spring — Col Vaughan demanded him — they promise to deliver him to Col Vaughan at Fort Union Fri. 9 — Col Vaui^han held a council with the Chiefs & Head men the talk was highly Satisfactory to both Parties the camp raised & came down the L Horn Sun. 13 — Camp raised early this morning Thin Behind Sz a good representation from his camp arrived each Lodge is represented Thurs. This is just a little bit more carelessness of these d — foolish men — Hauled the balance of knees to Fort today and one load firewood. 19 — Sent Cadot on Teton to hunt and to look for lost Mule and Horse, he killed one Deer but did not find the Mule or Horse. In the after- noon B Champaigne arrived and says Mr. will Camp tonight on Teton — hauled two loads firewood. 23 — Started Cadot and two men with equipment put up yesterday. 16— Sent an Indian to Little Robe Camp to see if these Indians had not picked up our horses, but he shortly returned stating he had met with a party of Crows^^^ on Marias who shot at him, and sure enough he had a wound in his thigh but it looks very much as if he had done it himself — Three Wagns. Men again went after Knees and today hauled one load of them and one load fire wood. Hauled one more load knees and a load of fire wood. 18 — As we are now unable to cross horses to band on other side sent those on this side 12 in all to Teton with two men. from Gros Ventres yesterday brought one horse and a mule which they left on the Teton but on sending for them this morning and after a whole days hunt, they were nowhere to be found and we suppose a war party that passed that way yesterday must have picked them up. Ice strong enough to cross horses opposite the Fort. 22 — Put up a few articles to send in the morning to Pagan Camp on Milk River to trade meat with. Very bad travelling in these times as it now thaws and the prarie is one entire lake. I trust and hope that your opinion will coincide with mine, and that I shall hear that the suggestion has been carried out I have the honor to be Sir your obt St Alfred J. I do assure you sir, it affords me much pleasure to have the means at my com- mand to bestow upon a people struggling from their barbourous and bemuddled condition to the habits maners and customs of the Anglo American, they remained amongst us five days, all was peace and harmony. Balance due men remaining- in the country from 1855. This outrage no doubt has thrown upwards of 100 families of these people destitute of the meanes of prosecuting the hunt, by which their principal subsistence is derived, and in my opinion a sufificient number of U' Troops ought at once to pro- ceed to their village now at a place called Long Lake, and demand the restoration of the propert}^ stolen, which ought at once to be sent back to the rightful owners. 192 APPENDICES Fort Union July 1856 Sir I had the honor of apprising you by the return of the St Marys of all matter pertaining to my official duties since she left, the entire nation of Assinaboines having assembled at this place showing by every act and action the most unbounded gratitude to their Great Father for the presents which they annually receive, they are a kind nobl and generous people showing every wish and inclination to abide their Treaty stipu- lations and heed their Great Fathers advice. Alexander Rose 0.13 George Weipert 349.13 Vincent Mercure 13.88 Joseph Boismenn278 40.37 William Keiser 54.45 Leandre Belleveau 372.52 F. Riter 197.75 James Chambers 307.90 Charles Troudelle 172.75 Joniche Barra 197.25 Thomas Dull 150.50 Vincent Mercure 213.10 J.

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