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A 1952 Wiser’s Oldest in a round bottle drew only 6 bids and sold for .67, and a bottle of Canadian Masterpiece from 1959 listed at .00 drew no bidders at all.Generally speaking, Crown Royal gets more interest than most other brands.Here, the bottles are listed alphabetically by country making it pretty easy to find what you are looking for. The other source of pricing information is the ubiquitous e-Bay.

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The date on the tax stamp (see inset above) is the date that the youngest whisky in the bottle was distilled, NOT the date it was bottled.

There are two reliable sources of information for the current values of old bottles.

The first is the results database of, a high-volume German website that keeps records of past sales dating back to 1997. Should a Canadian collector find a comparable bottle in Canada they will certainly pay more in comparison to these European prices.

So if the whisky has an age statement, don’t count backwards from the date on the tax stamp to figure out what year it is from. As well, whisky is not considered to age in the bottle, so a 15-year-old whisky from 1952 is still 15 years old.

For Canadians buying whisky from outside the country there is also another twist. It is illegal for consumers to have whisky shipped to Canada.

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