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We go one card at a time and just concentrate on that one single card.

I’ll open an account in my name and add Laura as an authorized user.

I literally just have one credit card for all personal use that gives me so-so rewards (the USAA World Master Card where our household expenses go and is paid off monthly), and then only one card for my business stuff too (Blue from American Express). Just not “look at me I’m traveling the world for free cuz I’m so clever!Without a doubt it was our big three-generation family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.My wife and I earned enough rewards points to take our two daughters to Disney and stay in the on-site luxury Disney Swan hotel, plus get airfare to Orlando and WDW park tickets all for just a few hundred dollars out of pocket.That is not easy and it provides a lot of reassurance for people to have me there to bounce questions off of, or jump on the phone with to discuss. If you can be flexible with dates specifically, you can really save many thousands of dollars on your travel.If, however, you try to shoehorn your rewards points into your regular travel life, or think that this is the perfect solution to get free flights to that wedding in St.

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