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Finn appears extremely freaked out by Rachel in their first rehearsal, and is reluctant about performing.Unfortunately, joining Glee alienates him from the football team.Finn has been dating the head cheerleader, Quinn, for four months.

In Glee Club, while they dance and sing to Le Freak, Finn makes a comment about being dead, because Mr Schuester is making them perform it in front of the whole school.

Finn tells Rachel at first he thought she was annoying and checking under his bed to see if she was hiding there.

Finn admits that as soon as he heard her sing, and that she had touched something in him in his heart.

The balloon breaks, and Quinn gets mad at him, Finn embarrassingly says "It must have hit my zipper." The New Directions then perform Push It.

Later, Finn and Rachel are rehearsing, Finn asks Rachel if he could take a break, and both of them sit down on a picnic blanket in which Rachel has already prepared.

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