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She said she assumed the knives were needed "for his drug use" and "absolutely not" for killing a little girl.Bantam said she then agreed to "go on a ride" with Beau and Monique Maestas, a ride she later said she wished she had never taken.

Under the questioning from Beau Maestas' attorney, Pete Christiansen, however, Bantam insinuated Monique Maestas was the mastermind and driving force behind the attack.Bantam said Monique Maestas "stabbed the little girl after she bit" Beau.Bantam said it was her understanding that Monique started the stabbing attack and classified Monique as "manipulative, vindictive and she manipulated Beau." Bantam said Monique told her she was "trying to hit her in the major organs, I kept trying but just kept stabbing, I should have stabbed the girl's neck but I was too scared then." Bantam said she was fearful for her life after the incident because Monique Maestas asked Beau, "What are we going to do about Sabrina?Gary Telgenhoff, medical examiner for the coroner's office, used a pointer to identify the stab wounds.The wounds included one that punctured the girl's head, broke through the skull and penetrated her brain.

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