Colorguard drumline dating

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well duh i saw this the color gard r just a bunch of whinny girls (at my school k) and a few gay guys (yes at our school there is a lot of bi ppl) yes they put thier make up on on the bus (that makes sence right?) and so on and so forthlike last year we had no chanc but 2 be friends 'cas in the show we had a dance yep yep boy this sux tarnodo waring for me Okay, so this is pretty rediculous. But, in any case, they've learned not to date anyone in guard, since when they break up with our captain, we all automatically get mad at them. The only tension we have is in the fact that we have to share the gym during practice.I've seen some situations where the guard captains and drum captains were best friends(not dating, just really good friends). Sometimes it might even stem all the way to the staff.But anyways, I'm a senior now and I'm happy to say that most of the tension has died down, helped no doubt by the fact that the current Guard captain is dating the de facto leader of Drumline, and her friend is like-wise dating the de facto second-in-command. It just depends on the situation, how the two sections will interact with each other.

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The drumline is getting a lot of attention from the community and they perform a lot.

In our band, the first thing we're told is "no homosectionality." Of course, this rule gets broken, but the point is is that it can get awkward, even if you're still together.

Personally, if I were you, I'd just stay close friends for a longer while (having all of your classes together next year?? Close friends in band are valuable, and not all high school relationships are meant to last so it'd suck to spoil a potentially great thing so early on.

If you stay together for the long term, then awesome, you'll be one of those couples in band, in high school we actually had a lot of those (so much PDA though) and it obviously still happens in college.

It'll hurt and it'll be awkward for the two of you, and it'll most likely be uncomfortable your section and the rest of the band as well.

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