Comcast dvr guide not updating

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I have tried all of the suggested fixes found within the manuals but they are not helping. I also have a Sony DHG-HDD250 which also uses TVGOS, but it is a HD recorder (that means full DIGITAL capabilities, including the TVGOS ) My TVGOS went out in the middle of April.

The people from Comcast have told me personally that my/our issue is with the DVR manuacturer for not providing any form of conversion and the FCC handling the digital conversion debacle.Furthermore, 4K content will not be available right at launch.This will come later on, first with according to a Comcast source on the Xfinity forums: “Netflix on X1 (Premium Plan), a XG1v4 and a 4K TV.Later phases of 4K will include select XFINITY On Demand, Live TV and DVR content.” The XG4 Box will also be capable of pairing to other Bluetooth devices like speakers and controls when its Bluetooth specs arrive through a firmware update.In related news, Comcast is also reportedly finally going to start unveiling its long.

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