Consolidating call

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When a customer or prospect interacts with the Call Center, the agent or advisor is the company to the caller.Failure to properly plan, deploy, recruit and train, can resolve in degraded a customer experience, reduced loyalty, brand erosion or reduced customer satisfaction.

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There can be great returns achieved by investing in a consolidated Call Center environment, but there are also great risks.

Like the rest of the telecom industry, the phone companies thereof are terribly antiquated, with inflated and sometimes unreasonable prices.

They certainly provide a highly valuable service, but you can save hundreds of dollars by just consolidating all of your phone numbers to one place like Talkroute.

Traditional service providers will charge you hundreds, even thousands of dollars to manage all of your business’ phone numbers.

You can use Talkroute to consolidate all of your phone numbers into one place, and not only that—you can manage all of them from your control panel.

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