Consolidating multiple excel spreadsheets

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From the Get Data experience, let’s find the option for “Share Point Folder”.

This option will only require a text string which would be the URL for a Share Point site. Which one of the urls found in Share Point should I use?? What the tool is expecting here is the root URL to the Share Point site itself.

One of the earliest business mentions of data wrangling was in an article in Byte Magazine in 1997 (Volume 22 issue 4) referencing “Perl’s data wrangling services”.

In research, this involves both data transfer from research instrument to storage grid or storage facility as well as data manipulation for re-analysis via high performance computing instruments or access via cyberinfrastructure-based digital libraries.Analysts could interactively explore, change and manipulate the data and immediately see results.Wrangler tracked the user’s data transformations and could then automatically generate code or scripts that could be applied repeatedly on other datasets.In 2012, several of the authors (Kandel, Hellerstein, Heer) went on to found Trifacta, which is a commercialization of the software in the Wrangler project.Since then, a number of other companies have developed products. These include both commercial and freely available offerings.

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