Consolidating two naps to one

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The meridians, however, are not just related to organs.They are linked to thoughts and emotions, color, sound, seasons and other spiritual aspects as well.However, sometimes, the physical symptoms are manifesting because of an underlying emotion.The liver is heavily associated with anger, frustration, and rage; so if you’re waking up at 3 it might be because you’re repressing emotions that you must work through.Caffeine is a diuretic and takes water away from your colon to the kidneys and bladder for evacuation, but your body need water in the morning to keep up its repair and maintenance of the large intestine and colon.If you are feeling bad at this time, drink lots of water.On the other hand, this is also the time when allergies can show up the strongest because the “Spleen” is busy working with the Liver and your immune system.

The morning is the most important time to drink plenty of water and the worst time to have caffeine.Drinking plenty of water at this time keeps you from getting constipated, gaining weight, looking and feeling older and improves your overall health.From an emotional perspective, you may need to let go of guilt.) Be sure to drink ginger tea to nourish the stomach.TCM considers the “Spleen” the most important digestive organ, so even a late breakfast will be digested easily.

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