Conversations when dating

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Many guys just forget how to have basic conversations when in the presence of attractive females, and suffer because of it.

If you can't have a good conversation with a girl you're attracted to, forget about ever standing a chance to date her.

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Give love in the way that your spouse likes to be loved. I have learned to love her in ways that she wants.” Make a list of five special things your spouse has done for you.

Help your spouse by giving him or her a positive target to aim for.

If you're a guy that has trouble talking to the opposite sex, you're not alone.

To keep the conversation moving, you might also assign as pre-work the article, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy Mc Intosh, available on pp.

79-82 of Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development, published by the Network of Educators on the Americas.

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