Cousin dating ok consolidating sep ira

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U shouldnt date anyone with the tittle of "your cousin" unless the person has no blood relations to what so ever. Is that why you're going after your frickin second cousin??

But the DNA if you're the same blood as he is, you'll really need to consider that twice...

Kissing cousins now have a free site, where they may come to exchange information and advice.

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I remember my biology teacher telling me that 2nd cousins having children is basically the same thing as any other couple having children...except the risks are only marginally higher like .2 percent or something sry I don't remember exactly. I'm Chinese, and guess what, my mother once asked me if I want to consider my cousin brother as my partner. It feels weird for a reason, to date someone who has been with me since forever. Incest isn't what people can generally tolerate. I don't even know what a real second/third/etc. This page explains the whole thing: but I don't understand everything of it.

Anyways you should really consider whether it's ok with your family cuz some parents are really strict about that. I got a question, well my mother has a cousin and her cousin has a daughter, same age like me. i think your parents might kill you for doing that.. :shocked: My family doesn't mind much, as long as there is love. I think it would be nicer if I date someone else with a different family background and that's much more intriguing. You wouldn't want your family to throw a bunch of nasty comments at you and your cousin, eh? Not every second cousin has the same blood or the same ancestor as you... *sigh* I am too lazy to read everything but I hope it can help you.

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