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Their names were Deino (dread), Enyo (horror, not the same Enyo as the goddess of war), and Pemphredo (alarm).

There is sometimes also a fourth named Persis (destroyer, slayer) or Perso.

Unlike his brother, he said to be armed either with a Golden Club or arrows of lead.

Himeros was the god of sexual desire and unrequited love. Also called the Grey Witches, the Graeae were three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth amongst themselves.

Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone, the goddesses of vengeance. They were depicted as ugly, winged women with hair, arms and waists entwined with poisonous serpents.

They wielded whips and were clothed either in the long black robes of mourners, or the short-length skirts and boots of huntress-maidens.

The most agreed upon number is that there are three of them at any given time, and there are two generations: Thallo, Auxo and Carpo, who were goddesses of the order of nature, and Eunomia, Diké, and Eirene, who were law and order goddesses. Hyginus, a Latin author identified yet a third set made up of Pherousa (goddess of substance and farm estates), Euporie or Euporia (goddess of abundance), and Orthosie (goddess of prosperity).

Nonnus, a greek epic poet, mentions yet another set of four Horae, Eiar, Theros, Cheimon and Phthinoporon, whose names were the Greek words for spring, summer, winter and autumn.

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Perseus was able to get the women to tell him how to kill Medusa by stealing their one eye.

The goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time.

And then, finally, there was a completely different group of Hours, who personified the twelve hours, (originally ten) of the day.

The Keres (singular Ker), were goddesses and sisters, the daughters of Nyx and Erebus (just how many kids did these two have?

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