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It is popular because it works with a wide range of smartphones.

Whats App recently claimed that it has more daily users than Twitter. You should also try out You Roam, which will lets you use your phone number anywhere in the world without roaming costs.

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Skype is a cross-platform service that is available to Android, Black Berry, i OS, and Windows Phone devices, as well as tablets and desktops.It goes back 10 years or more and uses Black Berry's messaging servers to deliver messages directly to other Black Berry users, completely avoiding carrier SMS services. Chat On is Samsung's mobile chat app, but unlike Black Berry Messenger, it is not limited to one platform.In fact, Samsung has released versions of Chat On that work with Black Berrys, Android smartphones, the i Phone and even Windows Phones.It is meant more to serve as a calling service, though, and its messaging function is rudimentary at best.Kik and Viber are similar to Chat On in that they are cross-platform apps that require people to use the same app in order to communicate back and forth.

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