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You can do this by holding down the Volume Up as your i Device boots. In this mode, you open Cydia up, go the Manage tab and then uinstall the package that have been causing the issue.As of version 0.9.3997, you can now disable Substrate entirely by holding down Volume Up as the device boots.Below is the full list of Cydia and source URLs for installing native apps on your i Phone or i Pod touch.Add any of the below URLs as a source in or Cydia and discover new mods, tweaks, themes, and apps that you can download and install.For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending i Phone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading.Enter our giveaway contest to win free apps every day.However, there are failsafe methods allowing you to fix the situation without restoring or re-jailbreaking.Here are some tips on How to Fix a Bad Cydia Package Installation Without Restoring or Re-Jailbreaking.

if this fixes the problem, add back all sources you were using one by one, reloading after adding each one, to track down the problem source.Repository • Pod Hax Source • • i.Slezak’s Stuff • • Soneso Repository • SOS i Phone (Contact Flow) • rep.Spiffyware • Studded • • • Swirlyspace • Aloha Soft 1.0.2 • com/reinholdpenner/102Aloha Soft 1.1.1 • com/reinholdpenner/111Aloha Soft 1.1.2 • com/reinholdpenner/112Apple • Apple Daily Times • App Tapp • repository.Apogee LTD • Blaze • Big Boss Beta • Black Wolf • Preferences) Byooi Digicide • (Jiggy Apps) Ced Soft (i Snake/Bounce) • Chris Miles Repository (i Solitare) • databinge • repo.Dav Team • to Design • iphone.Digital Agua • repo.Dlubbat’s Apps • Software Ltd • Fight Club • Free Myi Phone • Fring • Source • Gravy Train ’s Vault • user submitted themes) Hijinks Inc.• Experimental Pack • Tymes • App-a-Day • Imagine09 • Blackjack • i Clarified • installer.i Fone Tech • app.Intelliborn • i Phone Cake • i Phone Dev Docs • i Phone For Taiwan (Summber Board Themes) • i Phone Freakz • Phone Islam • apps.i Playful • i.Perhaps the worst situation is when installing a bad Cydia package getting stuck in an endless boot loop.Fortunately, there is a failsafe feature that will disable Mobile Substrate, which consequently disables all your Cydia tweaks and apps.

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