Daryl hannah dating studies on christian dating

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"It's a story about a German soldier and a rabbi's daughter who fall in love before the Second World War," she says."They struggle, separately, through the war, each keeping themselves alive with thoughts of the other.It was all so effortless and innocent."There was no specific turning point at which she emerged into the real world. "I loved turning 40 and look forward to being 50 and 60 even more.I am still learning and growing and that helps keep you young in outlook."I would say: 'This isn't in the script.' And they would say: 'Oh, we've added it.We felt it was integral to the character's development.' There are some real sleazeballs around.That has been the way of Hollywood deal-makers for many years."She was nearly fooled.She was signed up by a dodgy modelling agency, with the prospect of work in Las Vegas.

It has haunted her: half-told stories of strange behaviour that made her sound in urgent need of psychiatric treatment. Yet she has appeared in nearly 70 films over the past 30 years. "Many actresses are playing other people because they are shy," she counters.

But when she arrived, she realised that the promise of modelling was a scam."I feared it was a cover for a sex-slave ring," she says.

"I escaped from the hotel from a window and returned to Los Angeles.

"It's just that they do not admit it to themselves, or others."Today, the star of a succession of box-office hits in the Eighties - Roxanne, Wall Street, Steel Magnolias - says age has been her saviour.

She sits looking poised and confident in a low-key restaurant in Venice while attending the city's annual film festival.

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