Dating city kineshma

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The Yauza and the Moscow are controlled by stone embankments for most of their winding courses through the city.

The “cultural layer,” consisting of debris of buildings demolished long ago and of other materials deposited by humans, is up to 50 feet (15 metres) deep in some parts of central Moscow.Overuse has greatly lowered the levels of these underground waters, however, and most water needs are now met by surface sources—i.e., the reservoirs north of the city built in connection with the Moscow Canal, in particular the Ucha Reservoir.Water is also drawn from the Moscow River and pumped into underground storage reservoirs.Similarly, eastward and southeastward the surface gradually merges into the vast, almost completely flat, and very swampy clay plain of the Meshchera Lowland, which extends far beyond the city limits. The legend that Moscow was built on seven hills, as Rome was, is an exaggeration, though there are a few small hills in and around the city centre.Only in the southwest of the city is there an upland area—on Cretaceous rocks, covered by glacial morainic material.

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