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The plan by and by changed in his mind into that of a book partly of travel and partly of research, which should combine the results of much careful observation and enquiry upon matters of island history, custom, belief, and tradition, with some account of his own experiences and those of his travelling companions.

Under the nominal title of ‘Letters’ he began to compose the chapters of such a book on board the ‘Janet Nicoll,’ and continued the task during the first ten months of his residence in Samoa (October 1890 to July 1891).

18 (of 25) Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang Release Date: March 8, 2010 [EBook #31557] Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON *** Produced by Marius Masi, Jonathan Ingram and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at The following chapters are selected from a series which was first published partially in ‘Black and White’ (February to December 1891), and fully in the New York ‘Sun’ during the same period.

The voyages which supplied the occasion and the material for the work were three in number, viz.

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With the help of your expert local guide, avoid confusion and navigate your way easily through the market’s various of seven months (June 1888 to January 1889) in the yacht ‘Casco’ from San Francisco to the Marquesas, the Paumotus, Tahiti, and thence northward to Hawaii; a second (June to December 1889) in the trading schooner ‘Equator,’ from Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital, where the author had stayed in the intervening five months, to the Gilberts and thence to Samoa; and a third (April to September 1890) in the trading steamer ‘Janet Nicoll,’ which set out from Sydney and followed a very devious course, extending as far as Penrhyn in the Eastern to the Marshall Islands in the Western Pacific.Before setting out on the first of these voyages, the author had contracted to write an account of his adventures in the form of letters for serial publication.Your guide will also assist you in talking to the vendors and... It is an exciting city, and a very popular destination in China.The best way to explore the city is to wander around, you will see the highlights: the Bund, Yu Garden and the French concession area in the city.... What do freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate taste like?

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