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was hopelessly lost forever in a sea of makjang, stupid posturing, and painfully childish plotting, somehow this drama found a glimmer of its former thoughtfulness and glory in episode 14.

It didn’t resurrect it completely, but the moments of sensibility here and there felt like a refreshing drink of water in an oasis for a thirsty traveler like me.

Lee Soon wants to know more about Ok Jung when she was a little girl and there is much happiness and laughter as they talk about how feisty and mischievous she was as a kid.

Episode 14 recap: Ok Jung is rightfully furious that her mom was purposely humiliated at this banquet and confronts Dowager Queen Kim about it.

Ok Jung storms off while Dowager Queen Kim looks like she might have an aneurysm.

Ok Jung walks over and asks her mom to come to her residence.

Lee Soon nods his head and In Hyun’s step-mother greets him.

Lee Soon makes it clear he’s spending time with Ok Jung and her mom, wanting to know more about Ok Jung.

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