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One of the most irritating and time wasting jobs at HDNet is listening to or reading pitch ideas for new shows.99pct of the time the idea is a derivative of something that is already being done, or something so obvious its an insult that they are pitching it. If they have anything to with sports or a deck of cards, i don’t want to read them and they will be Ron Louis & David Copeland Have you ever had a woman you were interested in say "Oh, I'm not dating right now"?You've probably been blown off with that very statement, and felt small and powerless.If you need help with extreme shyness, and want to really get at the roots of why you are shy and what you can do about it, check out Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome.Here's what Tony, from England, has to say about "Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome": I've purchased TONS of other products, and they told me exactly what to say to women and when to say it.People won't stand around talking about how you are trying to be a "player," or make fun of you for wanting sexual and romantic life. But it's likely that you are still worrying that they will.

We'll say it again: Accepting that you are choosing to not date is an empowering step. You are choosing to not do what it takes to meet them.

You can limit risk, and take risks intelligently, but risk and excitement exists together - if you want to have excitement, and chemistry with women, you must be willing to take intelligent risks.

Part of our mission is to help shy men overcome their overwhelming fear of risk with women, and we have a number ways we do that.

Most shy men have at least one story of a time that he showed romantic interest to a girl, as a teenager, and of the abuse and humiliation heaped upon him when she said no.

They have stories of other kids surrounding them and taunting them about it.

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