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Since Aguado came from Spain, he must have used Spanish instruments early in his career, but information as to which specific builders has not surfaced.After his arrival in Paris, various accounts indicate he used French guitars by Lacte and Laprvotte.I asked musicologist Matanya Ophee, and he is also not aware of any sources which reveal Carcassi's guitar, other than the following: "The only reference to this I know, was an article in Cadenza magazine in the late 1890s, where an American claims to have bought a guitar from Carcassi and bring it to the US.

There was a great variety of construction technique and design.

Contemporary accounts indicate Giuliani probably played a Fabricatore at one time.

A recent discovery (cover of GFA Soundboard Magazine) shows that Giuliani owned a French guitar by Pons, a gift of Napoleon's wife, which he later gave away (presumably to settle debts) and likely did not play in concert.

You can read the article on this topic here: by Paul Pleijsier).

Giuliani was in Vienna and is depicted in paintings playing a guitar that resembles a Stauffer, and surely Giuliani would have come into contact with Vienna's leading builder during his years there, but no proof of this association exists.

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