Dating for rock music lovers dating sites people suffer depression

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The stock answer of course, is guitar - and, while this may be common enough to seem cliché, in fact the survey proved there may be something genuinely alluring about those who can strum a chord.

40% of Canadians think the guitar is the most attractive instrument for someone to play, setting guitar players well ahead of the rest of the pack (with 25% of the vote, the piano is the second-most attractive instrument to play, followed by the saxophone on 8%).

According to our study, a huge 70% of Canadian singles think that going to a concert is a great first date idea.

Of these gig-going music lovers, the majority (27%) said that a rock concert would be just the ticket.

What's more, for many, being musical isn't just attractive, it's a prerequisite: 67% of Canadian singles say a partner must be interested in music.

Additionally, just over half stress that it's extra attractive to share a similar taste (and 30% even suggest they’d be put off someone if their tastes weren’t in tune! When it comes to the best genres on the bill, rock and roll hit the highest note. Pop landed second place with 17% of the vote and country music fans make folk/country Canada’s third favourite genre with 15%.

Rock Music Dating is designed especially for singles that enjoy rock music.

Rock Music Dating Site is a specialised music date site, helping music loving singles find their true love.

As well as asking our respondents to reveal their favourite genres, we also wanted to gauge people’s attitudes towards live music and dating.Topping the male charts in emphatic style is the one and only Bruce Springsteen, with 37% of Canadians admitting that Springsteen's heartland rock and swarthy looks make him The Boss of their hearts.Second place went to British legend David Bowie, with the illustrious rocker and space oddity bagging 21% of the vote.The ideas to start rock music dating site actually stems from members of rock forum posting request to meet other rock music lovers.Bringing people together is easy but bringing the right people together can be slightly more challenging hence this site is built on award winning dating platform which has been tried, tested and found to be robust and effective at matchmaking.

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