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No one has ascertained whether Lee 'cheated' on his then partner.In the interests of researching this interview I telephoned Miss Stammers, who is a dancer, and was told by a female relative in a somewhat frosty tone that she 'has no wish to speak about Lee. (Which sounds a bit incriminating, M'Lud.) 'Of course I fancied Denise,' Lee finally admits, his voice becoming almost squeaky. I won the show and I found my wife.' Van Outen, once engaged to wildliving Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, has been more indiscreet, saying: 'We kept it quiet, but not that quiet. We had the same sense of humour, but also we could be silent with each other. She is very down to earth, which is refreshing in this business.' She also has a reputation as a man-eating sybarite.We were kissing and walking down the street holding hands. She has bared her bottom in public, played raunchy jailbird Roxie Hart in Chicago and a lesbian in the musical Rent. This is heady, adult stuff for a young man whose coat may be technicolor, but whose character appears a little on the grey side.I couldn't believe no one found out earlier.'Lee insists it was five months after the show ended and his relationship with Kerry had broken up before he rang her. Indeed, seldom has there been such an unlikely pairing since John Major and Edwina Currie. Has he succeeded in taming the naughty former Big Breakfast presenter? ' he adds hastily, 'but she likes downtime, too, and domestic things.' The couple bought a 17th-century house in Kent last year to 'wind down' in.

He is more likely to choose the latter, as he was mauled by theatre folk after a run-through of Roman Holiday. I will put the work in.' I have no doubt about that.

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It is alleged to be haunted, but so far there are no spirits in sight, only a paddock with some sheep. ' I have a feeling, however, that paired with Van Outen, he might end up as Samson instead. But I promise I won't get married in my Joseph Dreamcoat. I had to sign a contract saying I wouldn't flog it. I am going to have it framed and hung on a wall.' Replacement: Lee handed the role of Joseph to Gareth Gates - although he kept the Dreamcoat Lee recently finished his run in Joseph and handed his loin cloth to Gareth Gates.

Which should make Joseph feel at home, as he was the shepherd of the Israelites. 'But I can't wait to be a married man,' he enthuses. That would be just too cheesy.' I always thought Lee got a bum rap when he had to wear something that looked like a tie-dyed Seventies ski suit. 'Gareth has not got a copy of my coat,' he says possessively. 'I was not prepared for the huge fan base and the sex appeal thing.' How does he feel about being a gay icon? Some people might consider me a guilty pleasure,' he ponders, 'But I didn't try to cultivate a sexy image.

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