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This combination of properties has taken DMSO way past it's humble roots as a paint thinner, and given it a key role in preserving stem cells, embryos and organs for transplant at below-freezing temperatures.

(It's still approved and used for this today.) In 1962 another key property of DMSO was discovered: it's ability to penetrate skin and human tissue membranes without damage.

Then researchers discovered something that caused huge public excitement and a massive explosion of interest in DMSO: DMSO not only helped prevent infection, but significantly relieved burn pain.

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A further sticking point for the FDA has been the inadequate design of the clinical trials.At this point, the FDA has approved DMSO only for treatment of interstitial cystitis (in 1978) – and in 1970 for veterinary use, to treat musculo-skeletal disorders in dogs and horses.It may be that the sheer variety of the conditions that DMSO is reputed to help might make the FDA stalwarts sceptical.But it's not exactly a pharmaceutical drug,'s available over the counter for a number of perfectly legal and accepted non-medical uses. DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, is a super-cheap by-product of wood-chipping in the paper industry.

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