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” Right eye slightly a-twitch, I say, “Just one.” Sometimes I contemplate lying, “Oh, two, please!” because I’m so, so over the Sad Single Person Meal trope, but I never cave.

Maybe she’s fat and weird, and that’s why she’s single? I have a social life packed with besties and beloved co-workers. Despite all this, I am a perennially single bitch (PSB), i.e., a non–cat lady with a full life who remains single.Whatever the case may be, he’s not treating you the way you want or deserve and it’s making you miserable.The tough love advice you’re looking for is really quite simple — if he’s not making you happy, stop wasting your time and move on. There is literally no reason you need to waste your time with this dud if he’s giving you the runaround and keeps making excuses for his BS behavior.I have been alone for the past two years and, prior to my last boyfriend (we were together for seven months), for another three years—just like so many women in North America right now.In 1981, 26 percent of Canadians aged 25 to 29 were unmarried.

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