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Another item to take in was a pot or bowl for a hyacinth bulb which would then be placed around the school improving the smell if only for a couple of weeks, whenever I catch that scent nowadays it takes me back nearly 60 years.

Final year for me was Mr Pritchards and acting in one of his plays " what he wrote".

I can also identify 2 other pupils for you; Middle row, sixth from the left, by our teachers shoulder is Madhuban Mistry (my best friend); Looking at the photo and starting with the girl in the short coat on the left, her name is not known. A photograph when I was at Osler Street School in the Athletic Squad, which I hope will jog someones memory.

We use cookies to enhance website performance and to monitor website traffic.We also share information about your use of our site with our advertising and analytic partners for marketing purposes.Visit our Cookie Policy to learn more about our use of Cookies.I played football for the Junior team playing matches at Metchley Lane and Summerfield Park, sometimes on the all-weather pitch not Astro Turf like today, but what felt like ground up slack which when you fell onto would take the skin off down to the bone.Two of us were asked to play for the senior team which didn't go down well with the older lads and I don't think we got a kick of the ball.

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