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“I'm very involved with the mixing usually, and this was very different for me.But the Internet [sending high-res files] made it somewhat painless.King had never worked there before, but Jones was well-acquainted with the facility: “I've worked there a lot, and you can get really good drum sounds there,” she notes.“It's not the most well-decorated place, but it's got a vibe, fun and there's good delivery food.” [Laughs] Jones, producer/engineer Jacquire King and assistant engineer Brad Bivens at the Neve 8088 in Sunset Sound Studio 2Photo: Kevin Krupitzer King and his assistant for the past year-and-a-half, Brad Bivens, recorded the sessions to analog tape, and then transferred everything to Pro Tools for editing, overdubbing and mixing.She wanted to play with musicians that were a little bit more rhythm-oriented and the section being a stronger element — forceful and kind of driving things.

Then I would send him my notes and we would go back and forth sometimes two, sometimes five times.

“But the mixer part of me has to be the dominant thing that doesn't care what's there as much as the producer would.

I just try to take more of an objective look [mixing], and I think that's why I enjoy and want to have an ample amount of time to mix.

“We definitely had a lot of conversations about where she wanted to go,” King comments from his Nashville studio.

“We were looking at 18 or more tunes, and we had a big list of musicians that we wanted to try out.

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