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These two drums plus a 16x16 floor tom with large B&B lugs, which was destroyed when a car hit it while loading gear and a Dyna which was stolen, came as a set from the factory. There are many things that help narrow down the year, but sometimes there's no reason why you find combinations that don't make sense. I have only one drum I positively know when it walked out of the music store. Dynasonics, D706061, 1977, I have the original sales receipt from Modesto Music, Modesto Ca.

You need to look at more things like washer type, screw head type.

Just the one you are absolutely sure you know the year it was purchased. Thanks, Bruce I purchased a COB 5x14 7 line Dyna Sonic in the summer of 1964 at Schmit Music in Minneapolis. Ive seen heated chrom before, that doesnt immediately look damaged. I wonder if this could be from the Factory Fire period. Big "R" drums are hard to date because of the re use of the serial numbers (when they ordered new rolls of foil tags, they started with the same series of numbers) 53004 last of the oval badge Dynasonic's mid 1974 13723 ---1968 Dayton 10407----mid 1967 Big "R" Maple ----1983 Powertone 3623----end of 1963 Powertone 3732----early 1964, someone changed the throw. The intense heat from the Covington fire (February 4th 1967) did buckle lugs.

Thanks, Bruce As near as I have been able to determine, this is what Ive got and the years they were probably manufactured. (Info from Rob Cook's Rogers Book) Those lugs might be from fire.

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These two drums plus a 16x16 floor tom with large B&B lugs, which was destroyed when a car hit it while loading gear and a Dyna which was stolen, came as a set from the factory. If they didn't have any Holiday tags at their work station they went to someone else's and grabbed two Holiday tags.

All of those were Holiday drums (until 1970 when the model name was changed to Powertone to match the snares and sound more modern).

Other Holiday drums built on the same day, in the same hour, would have serials in the same sequence, but these may have gone into a Constellation outfit instead.

please put them back and I'll tell you what i know. it was around there but no one knows for sure, that information never documented. 3627, Cleveland clockface cob, beavertails, 1964-65? 3732, Cleveland elongated wrapped wood, beavertail, 64-65 15697 Dayton Tag two of the beavertails on this are deteriorated in a fashion which suggests high heat exposure.

Sorry, I thought I hit quote and was going to reply about your drums and serial numbers. There is no way to know for sure that Roger switched over to Beavertail lugs at 2700. D114608 maple Big R 1983 D122346 maple Big R 1983 D731420 maple Big R 8x14, 1980 Powertones.

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