Dating site marketing strategies

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Nowadays, nearly 30% of 18-24 year olds admit to having used a dating site (although a third of those interviewed had never actually met up with a date).

Considering the app’s popularity, it’s no surprise that companies have begun to develop marketing strategies to reach its user base.

According to However, the competition in this space is extremely stiff, which pushes these apps to growth hack their way in achieving success and garner favorable installs.

It isn’t surprising that the growth hacks adopted by dating apps are as unique as the concept itself.

Other dating apps aren’t far behind — from JSwipe to Coffee Meets Bagel, companies are eager to capitalize on the growth potential within the online dating industry.

The appeal of dating apps, it seems, is only increasing. In part, it can be attributed to the fact that the stigma once associated with online dating has all but vanished in the last ten years, according to Pew Research Center.

Comparing Internet dating to mobile app dating directly, unique users in mobile dating apps now account for about one-third compared to the number of Internet dating users, which has doubled over the last year.”The statistics associated with engagement on dating apps is also astonishing when compared to app competitors in the social media space.

Social media is a popular segment and enjoys every user’s mobile real estate.

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The growth hack leveraged by the Bumble app dealt with an integral element of dating psychology, which addressed the who approached whom syndrome.

Launched in late 2012, dating app Tinder has enjoyed what can only be described as a meteoric rise.

Boasting almost fifty million users as early as 2014 (according to the New York Times), Tinder has become a global phenomenon.

While well-integrated ads like Ex Machina’s can be extremely effective, there might be such a thing as going too far on such an intimate platform — the intention, after all, is to promote a product, not to break hearts.

Along came, Tinder and drastically changed the way people viewed dating.

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