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Most spiritualist believe in reincarnation however many established Spiritualist churches "denies, as fantasy, the doctrine of reincarnation".

However, (and this is a big however) even the more established spiritualist churches allow for the spirit of an individual to return to this material world.

About this time one of the greatest of magicians, Houdini, began debunking so-called psychics.

Audiences paid to see Houdini expose the tricks of fraudulent mediums.

The key argument among spiritualist seems to be more about the ideas of karma and the Asian concept of reincarnation than the idea that we can live numerous lives in order to perfect our spiritual nature.

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Interestingly, Houdini’s friend, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, passed on a warning from some mediums of Houdini’s eventual death on stage, "the waters are black for Houdini’ and foretold that disaster would claim Houdini while performing before an audience in a theater.

With time, many branches of Spiritualism have appeared.

Also, spiritualism has a tendency to be welcoming to many other religions while most major religions seems to be adverse (and in some cases openly hostel) towards spiritualism.

The core beliefs of Spiritualism are simple: Humans have a spirit or soul; that soul continues on after death in the ‘spirit world’; some people have the capability to see, or hear, or feel the presence of spirits (and to pass on messages from the afterlife).

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