Dating vintage costume jewellery

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However, if there are no markings on a piece, then we must turn to other methods of dating.

The style of clasps will often give us a relatively good idea of how old a piece is.

I’ve accumulated a modest library of vintage jewelry reference books and have created a page on my site that lists some of the best, along with a brief summary for each one.

One of the most common questions that I receive from customers is “how old is this piece of jewelry?They have an extensive library of jewelry marks located here: Researching Costume Jewelry.Just scroll down a little and click the letter of the alphabet for the company marks you wish to view.The photo below shows the various signatures you’ll find on Trifari vintage jewelry.Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks Resource: I’ve published a brief guide with photos that discusses various signagures for Trifari vintage jewelry.

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