Dating women with depression

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I first met Bree senior year of high school, she was the bubbly, outgoing girl, “friends with everyone, hated by no one” type of person.We had American government class together first semester and the first words she ever said to me after a heated political debate were, “shut up you don’t know anything”; I knew right there we were going to be best friends.Since I couldn’t “fix” whatever was happening in our relationship I thought running from it was the best option. We spent Christmas and New Years apart, and when February came around to celebrate her birthday, our anniversary, and Valentines day things were still shaky, but we started trying again.Things started to get a little better in our relationship but we still weren’t the couple we were before.Everyone wants to be around her because she can make any bad day better.Second semester came around and I heard through the grapevine that Bree was now single, and I made the move that no guy ever dreamt possible, I got out of the friend-zone.Sharing such a personal story about our relationship over the last six years isn’t easy for me, but I have thought about everyone who has already shared their story, whether it was publicly or personally to Bree, and I was inspired.

I acted out of frustration and as a coward and asked for time away from our relationship.

Bree joined her sorority and was happier than ever!

She was going out with her girlfriends, making memories, and living the college life everyone dreams of, all while maintaining her grades. But it wasn’t until the end of her sophomore year of college that I started noticing something changing.

Lastly, I want to warn you this is a long one, but I felt it necessary to share the deep personal stories of my relationship with Bree before trying to come up with solutions to help those with significant others facing Depression/Anxiety.

When Bree asked if I would share my side of the story to the world I was overwhelmed at first (and truthfully still am as I type this).

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