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However, opposition to same-sex relationships and denigrating attitude towards eunuchs, transgender people and impotent husbands is well evident in almost every scripture of Hinduism.From that we can deduce the general line of thought in Hinduism towards same-sex relationships.by Jayaram VRecently the Supreme Court of India delivered a judgment regarding the the legality of same-sex intercourse between consenting adults, also known as gay sex or sex between people of the same gender.It refused to rescind an old law which declares sexual acts between same-sex people as criminal and unlawful.If there were people with homosexual tendencies in ancient India, they never expressed it openly for fear of the excommunication and public condemnation.Hence, none of the scriptures explicitly dealt with the subject.Some Hindus applauded the decision, while some were visibly upset by it.

Even though Hinduism is over 6000 years old, the subject never attracted special treatment in any Hindu scripture.

Same-sex marriages do not facilitate rebirth, nor the reentry of ancestors from the ancestral world.

Hence, spiritually they are not the same as normal marriages between a man and a woman.3. Hinduism recognizes four chief aims of human life (Purusharthas), namely dharma (duty), artha (wealth), kama (pleasures) and moksha (liberation).

Therefore, religious rites are ordained in the Veda to be performed (by the husband) together with the wife." In a marriage, each of the couple has an obligation to perform their duties for the preservation of the family, society and continuation of the order and regularity (rtam) of the world.

Their duties are actually part of the duties (Dharma) of God Himself.

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